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The initiative aims to provide female pharmacists, interns, pharmacy students and pharmacy staff with support, education and resources to enable more women to start and grow their own businesses and attain positions of leadership.


Cost of living is a key issue for community pharmacy patients who are mostly comprised of the elderly and mothers with young children, and should be taken seriously by the government with an election on the horizon, says David Heffernan, President NSW Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

World Diabetes Day - Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Diabetes is a condition in which the sugar level of the blood is too high. This happens when the body cannot break down carbohydrates properly due to a defect in the pancreas, the gland that produces insulin. This lack of insulin means that blood sugar levels move outside of the normal health range.

5 Steps to a Healthy Heart

Having a healthy heart is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Failing to take care of your heart health induces Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). CHD occurs due to blockages in the major arteries surrounding the heart. These blockages occur due to the build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries. Increased blockages can lead to chest pains and ultimately heart attack. Many precautions can be taken to lower your risk of CHD, allowing for the development of a healthy heart. Heart disease is preventable, and we believe that by following Life Pharmacy’s “5 Top Tips for a Healthy Heart” you could be on the road to a long and healthy life.

Tips to get active and achieve your fitness goals

Getting more active is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions made every January, as thousands look to spark a positive change in their well being and shed their holiday pounds. Gyms around the country reach their peak capacity as members new and old arrive full of motivation and ambition, yet many find it difficult to stick to their new routine for the full 12 months. Rather than making a lasting change, some often slip back into old habits. Here at Life, we have compiled some tips to help you achieve your fitness goals and become more active in 2019.